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How to list GED on Resume (Tips & Example)

If you have a traditional way of education or qualification growth during your lifetime, then it becomes pretty easy to mention them in the resume or even write a properly formatted resume. These candidates can quickly mention the result of 10th class, 12th, graduation,  post-graduation, or any experience.

But there are still few candidates who do not have these traditional steps of qualifications or experiences during their lifetime. In such cases, these candidates go for a general educational development certificate or diploma, generally referred to as GED – a non-traditional way.

Despite a candidate finding a way of graduating from high school by earning a GED certificate or diploma, they are still confused if they can mention this in their resume and, if yes, how and where? Apart from this, the most critical question is why a hiring recruiter would select someone with a solid history of not opting for a high school.

If you are one of such candidates, you have landed on the right page because we will tell you how you have to mention your GED in the resume and how it will not negatively impact your personality.

What are GED and its importance?

What are GED and its importance
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GED or general educational development certificate or diploma is a non-traditional way of earning or passing a high school. It includes several subjects like science, mathematics, etc.; the high school diploma and GED generally demonstrate the same proficiency level, so you should not question whether this will add any value to your resume or not.

The value of this certificate can be easily known that the people who have the certification are also eligible to join the military.

Furthermore, it is used as a credential certificate where an individual is also judged based on their skills and knowledge. A person should always have a formal certificate before listing this information in the resume.  If you mention this in the resume, the employee would know that you have the same credentials as a high school graduate individual because, as mentioned earlier, they have the same proficiency level.

Other than the importance, you can also opt for higher education with this certificate, as high school is the most basic eligibility criteria for taking admission to college.

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Should You Mention GED or Not?

Should You Mention GED or Not
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It becomes very mandatory or compulsory for a person to mention this GED certificate or diploma in the resume if they have never attended a high school. Many students do not mention anything about their education in their resumes because of the years of experience they held at that time. However, listing the GED certificate is essential for a person who has not graduated from high school.

It also provides you with better job opportunities because the hiring recruiters will select an individual who has the certificate as compared to individuals with no high school diploma. Most recruiters are aware of your certificate and vocational training while earning it. So it will also enhance your chances of getting a job.

A person with a GED diploma can look for a career in pharmaceutical technology, physical therapy, assistance, construction, and administrative departments. So, it’s always better to try in these industry sectors to get better salary and job opportunities.

In What Conditions can you Avoid Listing GED?

In What Conditions can you Avoid Listing it
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As discussed earlier, it is essential for someone who has not completed high school graduation. Still, someone who has already graduated from high school doesn’t need to include a GED certificate in their resume.

Further, a candidate who has completed or pursued higher education or went to university or college to enroll in a full-time course does not need to include this in the resume. They can simply replace this certificate or diploma with their college experience. Even if candidates have a strong work history and many years of experience, they must avoid listing this in the resume.

How to List GED?

There are a few ways to record this certificate in the resume because it can only be mentioned in the education section. Generally, there are three types of GED tests, namely GED (general educational development diploma), HISET (high school equivalency diploma), and CHSEC (California high school equivalence certificate).

It is a part of your education, so it is always better to list this under the education section summary. But there are specific points that you should always keep in mind. These points are listed down below:

  • You should always write the complete form of your GED. Avoid using acronyms or short forms, as you should always make your resume ATS-friendly.
  • Always check your country’s system because the GED test varies from one country to another. It means your country will have different rules and employment opportunities and may not have the same value as other countries. So, you need to verify the information from the ministry department website of your country.
  • This certificate should always be under the education section. Some examples of mentioning the GED certificate are listed below:

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Type of GED certificate | Year completed or in-progress

1st Example:


High School Equivalency Diploma | Dec.2021

2nd  Example:


General Education Development Diploma | Dec.2021

3rd  Example:


California High School Equivalency Certificate | in-progress

A Proper Template Format for GED certificate

[Your name]
[contact information]

Professional summary
[Under this section, you must provide a summary of your professional background. Always ensure that you make it short and crisp by highlighting the accomplishment and your passion]

[Under the section, you can mention the skills that you have. Before saying anything under this section, always ensure that you have read the job description very correctly and understood it]

[The job title]
[Name of the Company, Address]
[The period you were employed]
[You can also mention your job duties in points. Don’t use a paragraph.]
[The job title]
[Name of the Company, Address]
[The period you were employed]
[Duty no. 1]
[Duty no. 2]

General Education Development | June 2019

Real-life Example

Albert lee
[email protected]

Professional summary
 Proficient in handling software tools and computer equipment, which can help the organization carry out daily tasks. Strong communication and team spirit to carry out the task smoothly.

Computer skills
Software skills
Time management skills
Physical strength
Problem Solving

Software engineer
XYZ company, San Francisco
April 2020-May 2022
Wrote testable code
Worked on integrated software components
Operational feasibility

General Education Development Diploma


There are several ways to impress the hiring recruiters. The first way is to make a quality resume. You should always keep several points in mind while listing the GED certificate on your resume, as this will always enhance your chance. These points are mentioned down below:

  • Always highlight the other education like training courses, workshops, or seminars that you have attended. Always make sure that you include everything that you’ve been a part of throughout your student life, including the program names, your involvement/role, and the dates. This should be included along with the GED certificate.
  • You must be aware that hiring recruiters always avoid a lengthy resume. So always avoid writing a paragraph, and stick to the format provided in the above section.
  • Always emphasize your skills. Nowadays, the hiring recruiters are generally focused on the skill set of the job hunter instead of their academic skills. Highlighting your creativity, computer skills, or communication skills will always enhance your chance to be much better than the other candidate.

You should always read the job description and then start writing about your skills. Never mention anything that is not related to the job description or profile.


Several job hunters are confused about whether they should list their GED certificate or diploma in their resume. There are a few conditions where you should always avoid listing this certificate, like when you have good job experience or are pursuing a higher degree; it is useless to mention the certificate in the resume.

In some situations, it becomes mandatory to include this as it enhances your chances of getting shortlisted. As discussed in the article, the certificate is equivalent to a high school diploma. You can easily list it in the education section when you don’t have much job experience or education. Make sure that whatever you are mentioning in your resume should be clear, short, and crisp so that the hiring recruiter would not have to take considerable time to read your resume. Without having a high school diploma or a GED certificate, it will be tough to find a job, so it’s always better to mention the certificate properly in the resume.