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How to Apologize for Missing a Meeting? (With Examples)

Meetings are an essential part of your work life. They are conducted by the managers and bosses of respective teams to ensure that the team members are on the same page regarding a project.

Meetings are also held when organizational changes occur, and the employees must be notified about them. Meetings are held between the company and its new clients, and presentations are made for campaigns and other requirements.

Hence, missing an important meeting can have inevitable repercussions, and you should apologize to your superiors for missing a meeting. If you have to be somewhere else on the day of the meeting, then make sure you apply for leave well in advance.

However, having a meeting with prior notice can be beneficial, especially if you have a role to play in the meeting.

In such cases, apologizing is the best thing you can do. Saying sorry to your boss will prevent awkward situations at work later and give you a chance to explain yourself.

You must also ensure that it is never repeated and make it a point to attend all other meetings. It also means that you are taking accountability for your actions, which will show your commitment to the organization.

Why Missing Meetings Frequently is Not Okay?

Why Missing Meetings Frequently is Not Okay

While it is understandable if you have missed a meeting in a year, frequently missing meetings is not a good sign for employers. They will note how many meetings you have missed, which can come up during your performance review at the end of the year.

You might be asked why you keep missing meetings, and needing to be able to come up with a satisfactory answer will reflect poorly on your work report.

Also, when you miss meetings, it shows that you are not a team player and are not interested in knowing what is going on in the organization.

Meetings are not just for updating employees, clients, and delegates about what is going on, but also give them a chance to interact and clear their doubts. Hence, missing meetings frequently will not help you paint a good picture of yourself.

When you miss a meeting for a personal reason, it also shows that you may have a poor work-life balance and that you are not very adept at managing both. That is still not a good sign, so you should avoid missing meetings for personal reasons.

Most importantly, you stand to miss out on a lot if you forego any of the meetings. You might miss out on several aspects discussed in the meeting, and sometimes, more is needed to go through the meeting minutes later.

You have to be present in person to understand all the nuances of the aspects that were discussed during the meeting.

Or else, you must keep going to your colleagues and bosses to ask questions about what you have missed, which is awkward and unprofessional. Hence, it would be best if you always tried to avoid missing meetings in the first place.

Who Should You Apologize to for Missing a Meeting?

You should apologize to your boss and anyone else who was supposed to head for the meeting. And you should also send a team email to your coworkers for missing the meeting.

After all, they had made it a point to attend the meeting despite their busy schedule. It would be best if you had been there too, and not taking any accountability for missing the meeting can portray that you are not serious about the work.

Hence, it would be best if you reached out to everyone associated with the meeting as a mark of professionalism.

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What Can You Do to Remember Meetings in the Future?

What Can You Do to Remember Meetings in the Future

Here are some things you can do to ensure you will not miss meetings again.

1. Plan your Day

One of the things you should do to ensure that you attend meetings in the future is to plan your schedule better. If an appointment has been fixed on a particular day and time, ensure you only have other important tasks scheduled for that day once the meeting is over.

For example, you may have a meeting scheduled at 12:30 pm. However, if you schedule an essential task at 11:00 am on the same day, you could miss the meeting because the task in the morning might take longer than you anticipate.

2. Avoid a Packed Schedule

Secondly, you should also ensure that you keep your regular work as light as possible.

It has happened with many employees in many organizations that they become so engrossed in the day’s tasks that they entirely miss the meeting time and fail to head to the conference room, even while on the premises.

Daily office tasks can, of course, occupy your mind entirely, so as soon as you get a notification for a meeting, try to keep your calendar as light as possible by going through the to-do list for the day.

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3. Set Alarms

Set alarms on your devices so you do not have to rely on your memory alone to make it to the meeting. It is easy to become preoccupied with regular tasks and completely miss the time.

As an added precaution, you can set two alarms five minutes apart. In that case, even if you miss the first alarm or shut it and get on with one last-minute work, the next alarm will prevent you from becoming lost in your work again.

How to Write an Apology Email for a Missed Meeting?

How to Write an Apology Email for a Missed Meeting

While writing an apology letter for missing a meeting, here are some things you need to keep in mind.

  • Addressing the apology letter to the right person
  • Mentioning the date and time of the meeting you missed
  • Stating the reason for missing the missing
  • Apologizing for missing the meeting
  • Reiterating that you will not miss the meeting again

Samples of Apology Email for Missing a Meeting

Here are some apology emails you might send for missing a meeting. You can customize them according to your reasons as to why you missed the meetings.

Sample 1

Hello (name of the person)

I apologize for my absence during today’s meeting scheduled to be held at 10:00 am. The traffic has been heavy lately, and I account for it when I leave home, but today it was particularly bad, and I could not make it on time for the meeting. I did call when I knew I would not make it, but I still wanted to apologize.

I will ensure I find out everything discussed in today’s meeting and act accordingly for the next part of the project. I will ensure this does not happen again and consider all scenarios during our next meetings.

Thank you for being so patient.


(Your name)

Sample 2

Hello (name of the person)

I apologize for missing the meeting on 2nd October 2021, scheduled at 11:00 am. I was looking forward to it and wanted to meet our new clients. However, I became so engrossed with my daily tasks that I missed the time and failed to make it to the conference room.

It was a bad error; from now on, I will set alarms so that I never miss a meeting. I assure you everything will be correct in the project because I missed this meeting, although I should have been more careful.

Thank you for being so considerate.


(Your name)

Sample 3

Hello (name of the person)

I apologize for missing yesterday’s meeting that was held at 10:30 am. Just as I was about to leave for the office, something personal came up, and I had to stay back. The meeting was already over when I took care of the issue and made it to the office.

I missed making the presentation before our clients, and I had been working on it for weeks. No one is as dejected about missing the meeting as I am, but I had to put my family first. I hope such a situation never arises again, and I wish to attend all the meetings henceforth.

Thank you for being so understanding.

(Your name)

Sample 4

Hello (name of the person)

I apologize for missing the staff meeting held this morning at 10:00 am. I know how important that was, and although I have gone through the meeting minutes as soon as I came in, I know I should have attended the meeting in person.

However, I forgot to set my alarm last night after a night out with friends after work, and I came in late this morning. I promise to arrange my day better and be more careful about my daily routine. I realize it wasn’t prudent on my part, and I will ensure nothing like this ever happens again.

Thank you for being so considerate

(Your name)

Sample 5

Hello (name of the person)

I am sorry for missing the meeting on 4th August 2021 at 12 noon. I had been working on something else since morning but assumed the task would be completed before noon.

However, I had to discuss something with a client, and I could not interrupt the conversation midway. It was already too late to attend when I got off the call. I realize I should have been present for the meeting.

I promise to arrange my schedule better so that nothing like this ever happens again. I will use all the tools available to plan my day better. I will find out about everything in the meeting and ensure that my work does not suffer from missing it.

Thank you for being so patient

(Your name)

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Missing meetings are often perceived as signs of unprofessionalism, and this can have repercussions when the time comes for your promotion. Regardless, everyone will notice your absence, with your empty chair constantly a reminder.

Apologizing for missing the meeting is the least you can do, and you should make amends by following up on the minutes as much as possible. Moreover, you should be careful of making mistakes that could have been easily avoided if you had attended the meeting.

Follow up on your promise of not missing meetings in the future; everyone will notice your dedication to your job over time.