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How to Announce You Are Looking for a Job on LinkedIn?

Over the past few years, LinkedIn has become the first choice for job hunters and recruiters to connect with those who belong to the same industry. The platform also acts as a job portal, so it works in favor of the job hunters to let the recruiter know about the availability.

Sometimes the company’s recruiters pay extra revenue to the platform to help them connect with the job hunters.

LinkedIn has become one of the easiest ways to connect to different individuals. With just one option, a job hunter can easily let these recruiters know they are available for a job and looking for a better opportunity. But the real question is how?

In this article, we will talk more about how you can announce that you are looking for a job. We will also let you know how you can enhance your chances of getting shortlisted when a recruiter sees your profile.

Why Should You Announce You Are Looking For a Job?

Why Should You Announce You are Looking For a Job?

As mentioned earlier, LinkedIn is a platform for connecting with people from the industry. If you let these recruiters know you are available, they can come to you with better job opportunities. They will not know about you until you announce or tell them about this.

This will also help the recruiters know you want to explore new challenges and want to take the next step in your career growth.

Announcing on LinkedIn will help recruiters go through your profile so they can connect with you if they have a vacancy in their company. The recruiter can also directly connect with you through the platform via their messaging or mail if they have a vacancy.

Most of the time, if the recruiter likes your profile, they will automatically shortlist it and save your resume in their databanks so they can connect to you in the future.

Don’t worry! The platform solves your problem if you think you will miss the chances of getting connected. Whenever the recruiter is on LinkedIn, you will automatically get notified through the mail and notification system of the app.

Ensure that you regularly check the app and mail.

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How to Announce You Are Looking for a Job on LinkedIn?

How to Announce You Are Looking for a Job on LinkedIn

The platform provides several options for enhancing user activity on the platform. A few months back, they added a specific feature called #opentowork. This option makes the announcing process much easier and smoother for job hunters.

You can also use various other options, which we will discuss later. We have listed the two most common and specific options that you can use on the platform down below:

1. Open To Work

The steps are straightforward: visit the LinkedIn home page, click on the view profile, click the open option (appearing below your name), click “finding a new job,” fill out all the information, and add to the profile. That’s it!

This is how you can easily use the LinkedIn platform’s hashtag open to work option. This option is like a job search premium service provided by LinkedIn to provide an appropriate badge and make the job hunters unique from the other profiles on the platform.

Whenever you use this option, make sure that you are responding to the emails of the recruiter because if the platform recognizes you are not responding to the emails, it will automatically send you a confirmation email.

This confirmation email will help the platform know if you’re still available for the work or not. If the platform is doing your job quickly, then it’s your work to inform them too!

The forum will automatically remove the open-to-work feature if they didn’t receive confirmation or a reply mail from your end.

2. Announce by Writing a Post

Announce by writing a post

The second best option to inform you are looking for a job is to create a post and publish it on the platform. This post will work the same way a Facebook or Instagram post works.

This post will not appear on your feed but will be visible on the others’ feed, especially in the recruiter’s feed. Kindly note that this option will be public, so if you are employed right now, it can create some issues in your employment.

But if you have worked as a freelancer, it can be a great way to flaunt your skills and let these recruiters know what you’ve learned this entire time.

The format for announcing the availability of a job opportunity through a post is straightforward and short. Consider the following points before writing a post:

  • The main reason for looking for a job. If you don’t want to reveal the main reason, especially when you didn’t like your previous company, or they were some issues, we will recommend you omit the information.
  • Mention all the specific accomplishments and projects that you have worked for. This will show the credibility of your work to the recruiters and will be a highlight in your profile.
  • Never forget to add other relevant skills and all the expertise. This can be great for grabbing a job opportunity through a LinkedIn profile, where recruiters mainly focus on the skills instead of the education profile.

Here is an Example

“Hi everyone! I am an experienced clinical researcher looking for a job in Hawaii. I have ten years of experience working for different healthcare companies, where I learned several skills in interacting with patients efficiently and working in research laboratories with scientists.

During my ten years of experience, I have worked on several government-funded research projects. I have learned techniques to handle data, run laboratory test samples, and work with biological samples.

I also have little experience in handling model organisms used during drug research.

I will be an excellent fit if companies have a job opening for a research or laboratory technician. Let me know if you have any, and if you have any suggestions for me, it would be a great help”.

The above is just an authentic example. You can draft the same post according to your area of interest or industry. But make sure you have considered all the points and include all the information mentioned earlier.

Before posting it to the platform, ensure that you have edited and proofread the post carefully while also keeping in mind that your post shouldn’t be long.

The post should provide every piece of information about you and your skills. Ensure you have delivered very short and crisp information to the recruiter, automatically leading them to visit your profile to get more information about your education and who exactly you are.

After reading the post, the recruiter can connect with you by engaging in it or sharing it on the platform or in their group. They can also message you directly in your message box or can contact you via your contact details.

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The Other Basic Options to Enhance the Chance of Getting Highlighted or Shortlisted!

The Other Basic Options to Enhance the Chance of Getting Highlighted or Shortlisted!

Apart from the options mentioned above, several essential features are available on the platform. These options are listed down below:

  • The LinkedIn ID is a job portal where several recruiters regularly post new vacancies in their company. So ensure that you apply for these jobs to get a better opportunity and submit your resume.
  • Your LinkedIn ID profile should have job search-oriented headlines. You can do this by using a brand tagline or keywords, which will automatically help your profile to be on the top of the search page.
  • Always complete your entire profile without missing out on any information related to your education or employment history.
  • Your summary is the highlight of your profile, so ensure that you have listed all the information that is necessary for a hiring recruiter to know about you. Use a specific keyword in summary sections, as it will always be your profile’s highlight. Ensure that you have proofread and edited your summary before publishing it on the platform. Any grammar or spelling mistake in your profile can negatively impact your profile and reputation in front of the recruiters.
  • Always turn on your notification so the platform will notify you through message notifications or email notifications to maintain a smoother connecting pathway.
  • Make sure you have listed your contact information in the section. You can provide your email ID or phone number in your profile.

Now, this can be a personal choice because if you are mentioning it, expect that there will be several fraud calls or spam emails. So it depends on what one person wants to say under the section.

The points mentioned above are essential options you can use while searching for a job opportunity on the LinkedIn ID platform. Though these are very easy, they highly impact profile performance in the LinkedIn ID platform.

So if your profile is up to date, then definitely LinkedIn ID will rank it whenever a recruiter finds out the job hunters for a job.

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Pro Tip to Look for a Job on LinkedIn

Whenever a hiring recruiter connects with you through the platform, and you are not interested in the job, it’s better to inform them instead of ignoring their messages or emails.

You can easily let them know you are not interested in the job and will hope for a better opportunity from the company in the future. You can also ask them if they could connect on the LinkedIn ID platform so that you can quickly get information about the job vacancies in their company.

Whatever your reason is, ensure that you are honest with them. When talking to them, be very professional and use specific words. At last, never forget to thank them for considering you for that job opportunity.

The second situation may be when you are interested in the job, but HR is not responding to your emails/messages. In such a situation, you should always ask for a follow-up after some days to plan accordingly. We recommend that instead of waiting, you should regularly start applying for new job vacancies on the platform.


Today, several platforms help job hunters to search for new job opportunities in this modern world. LinkedIn is one such platform that has made the work of job hunters much more accessible and smooth.

Their recent addition #opentowork option, which creates a batch on a job hunter’s profile, highlights that they are looking out for a job. Apart from that, there are several other options that a job hunter can use to announce that they are looking for a job opportunity.

When using such chances, ensure you know exactly what you’re doing. For example, you will get spam calls and emails if you mention your contact information. So, ensure you understand the consequences of inputting/adding any information.

We hope this article provides detailed information about how you can use this platform more efficiently and in a much better way. We wish you all the best!