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How to Announce Your New Job on LinkedIn (With 4+ Examples)

LinkedIn has become the number one portal to stay connected with professionals and increase one’s network. It is like a social media platform for professionals, including other features like job search and job alerts.

Announcing your new job on LinkedIn will allow you to spread the word about your new position. You can include your job role and write about your experience in that field.

Your network will know about your work progress, and this can open new possibilities in the future. Since LinkedIn is an excellent way to connect with professionals from various industries and fields, you could be on someone’s radar, and they might reach out to you with an opening.

Updating your LinkedIn profile allows recruiters and other followers to notice your progress. Many employers now consider a professional’s LinkedIn profile more important than their resume.

Apart from writing about your new job, you may also post about your promotion or other achievements. LinkedIn also allows you to display your certificates. Writing about your new job systematically will help you graph your trajectory, showing what a remarkable career you have had.

Reasons to Announce Your New Job on LinkedIn

There are two main reasons to announce your job on LinkedIn.

1. Visibility


Announcing your job on LinkedIn allows you to establish yourself as a knowledgeable and accomplished professional in your field. You can also get potential mentors and bring your opportunities to get more certifications in the said field.

2. Networking


As soon as you post about your new job on LinkedIn, you will get connection requests from people already working in that sector. That will help you increase your network and they will create even more opportunities down the line.

Steps to Announce Your New Job on LinkedIn

There are three essential steps to sharing your new job on LinkedIn.

  • What to say?
  • When to say it?
  • How to say it?

These details matter because they will help you create the right impact rather than simply creating a post. It will soon disappear among other posts on your network’s walls.

How Should Your Job Announcement Look?

You should ensure some key points to gain maximum attention for your LinkedIn job announcement.

1. An Excellent Template

An Excellent Template
Image Source: linkedin.com

Your job announcement should have an attention-grabbing look. You can start the post by adding lines like “I am thrilled to share….” Or “I have some big news for all of you.

This will instantly make your connections and followers read further. You can also include hashtags and pictures to ensure good visibility.

2. Details About Your Role

You can share the new job title and details about your new job role. You can add a specific title and include some details in the summary. You can write about the industry or sector you have joined, like “product design” or “social media marketing.”

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3. Your Expectations

Your Expectations
Image Source: linkedin.com

Although this is optional, you can write about what you are looking forward to in your new role. You can do so by writing about what you expect to learn and how taking on new responsibilities is exciting for you in this new phase of your career. You can write about what kind of personal and professional success you are looking for.

4. Acknowledgments

It would be best to always express gratitude to your superiors in your new job announcements. That will show your previous connections that you have not forgotten the contributions of those who have been instrumental in your journey.

Your employers and coworkers will also be impressed and appreciated when they see your post. If this is your first job, you can thank your college professors and teachers for your success and for preparing you for your career.

5. Add the New Company Name

Add the New Company Name
Image Source: socialmediaexaminer.com

It is good to add the new company you are joining and the designation. That way, everyone will come to know about the reputed organizations you work with. On the other hand, even if you are working with a start-up, you should still add the name as it will give the company more exposure, which will be in your interest in the future.

6. Always Reply to Messages

Once you post on LinkedIn about your new job, you will surely get many congratulatory messages. Take some time to reply to them as a mark of appreciation.

The Right Time to Announce Your Job on LinkedIn

The Right Time to Announce Your Job on LinkedIn
Image Source: themuse.com

Timing is crucial when it comes to announcing your new job on LinkedIn. While many people announce their new job as soon as they get a call from the office, that is not always the right thing to do.

It would be best if you waited till you got your appointment letter or have at least been to the office on the first day and started your onboarding process. Although rarely, some companies return on their offer at times; you do not want to be in an uncomfortable position. It is where you have to pull down your post or again make an announcement to the contrary, saying things didn’t go as planned.

The best time is to wait for at least a week before announcing your new job, as you will have something to say about your experience of joining the company.

Moreover, it would be best if you also remembered not to announce your new job unless you have officially resigned from your previous or present role.

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Can LinkedIn Automatically Announce a New Job?

Can LinkedIn Automatically Announce a New Job
Image Source: alphr.com

Yes, it can automatically display the changes to your profile to everyone on your connections, provided you have turned into default settings.

Once you add a new job on LinkedIn, the information will automatically appear on others’ walls. If you want to change it, you must go to your profile’s “Settings and Privacy” sections. From there, head to “Visibility” and click the option beside “Share Profile Updates.” You can click on “No” if you want to stop sharing.

Once you have shared the information on your profile, you can also share the information with some of your closest friends or colleagues. It is done by using the personal messaging system on LinkedIn.

How Do You Update That You Have Left Your Previous Job?

Once you have quit your previous job to join the new one, you must ideally update it on LinkedIn to make it clear for everyone. You can do so by editing the “Experience” section on LinkedIn.

Click on the pencil icon next to the section and uncheck the option that says, “I am currently working in this role.” You can then add an end date to ensure when you leave the job.

However, you must be sure to do this only after you have officially announced your resignation at your office, or it will shock all your coworkers and your employers. They should be the first to know you are quitting the job, and only then should you post it on a public platform for everyone else to know.

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Why Should You Use Hashtags for Your New Job Announcement on LinkedIn?

Just like on any social media platform, using hashtags on LinkedIn will help draw more people to your post. You can use certain keywords and hashtags that make your post more visible to others. If your profile has default settings, people outside your connections will also be able to see your post.

You can use hashtags based on the profession, designation, industry, or even some motivational word or quote. You can also use tags like #newjob, #motivated, #lookingforwardformore #newbeginning.

On the other hand, you can also tag an individual on your post, like someone helpful. You can tag your mentor, who taught you the skills to get your job. This will be another way of showing your appreciation.

Sample Job Announcements on LinkedIn

Here are some sample job announcements on LinkedIn. You can use them as a template to make your announcements and personalize them according to your designation.

Not all your job announcements need to have all the details. You can share only as much as you want, or depending on a company policy, you may have to follow. It depends entirely on how many details you are comfortable sharing.

Example 1

I am happy to announce that I am now a part of a fantastic company (name of the company). I started my stint as (name of the designation) just a week back, and the time has been excellent. Looking forward to learning and working for many years to come.

#dreamjob #just the beginning

Example 2

So, I have some big news for all of you! It has been a fortnight since I started working with (name of the company) as a (name of the designation). It has been my dream to work for this company since I joined the industry six years back, and finally, I am glad and humbled to be a part of it. Eager to work with an amazing team.

#growth #lookingforward #bigday

Example 3

Today, I joined an amazing team at (name of the company) as a (name of the designation). My job role would include (a few details of your role). It was an honor working with (name of your previous company), and it was a fulfilling experience. I learned so much from (names of your past employers, senior colleagues, mentors, or coworkers), and I will take it all forward in this new phase in my life.

#newphase #newjob #newchapter

Example 4

Hello, everyone! I am so glad to announce that I am finally back from my hiatus after my accident and joining my new job at (name of the company). I am so excited to be back, and I want to thank everyone on my new team for accepting me.

I am also thankful to my previous employers and coworkers at (name of your previous company) for their constant support and motivation. It is as long as I was with them and who never let me give up, even when I was at my lowest.

I wanted to make a new start somewhere close to my home, and my new company gave me the perfect role and location. I thank everyone who has been a part of my incredible journey.

#freshstart #excitedtobeback

Example 5

Hi all! It has been a week since I joined (name of the company) as a (name of the designation), and I am thrilled to be a part of this new and amazing team. I still miss my friends at (name of the previous company). Still, as change is the only constant, I am embracing this new chapter in my life wholeheartedly and looking forward to new challenges and learning new skills. Have a great day, everyone!


Announcing your achievement to the world can be the best feeling ever. You have worked hard all your life to get to a certain place in your career, and when that finally happens, it can be exhilarating to make that announcement.

A new job is a new milestone in your life that will pave the way for something bigger. Hence, it would be best if you made the most of it, and LinkedIn gives you the perfect platform to do so.

The congratulations and best wishes that follow your post are also deeply fulfilling and motivate you to strive further and keep improving. It will also make your LinkedIn profile stronger, and it will also inspire others on their journey.