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8 Good Excuses When You Want to Work From Home

Working from home had become a norm during the pandemic. Now, everyone knows that as long as you have a computer and an internet connection, you can work from anywhere in the world, especially in information technology.

As the severity of the destruction caused by the virus dwindled and offices worldwide started reopening, employees were expected to return to work with renewed vigor.

However, taking a day off from commuting to the office and working from home is no longer a novelty. Earlier, no matter the severity of the situation, an employee would have to take a day off and miss work if they had to tend to personal issues.

Work-from-home mode allows employees to tend to their issues and deliver their work on time. When you do not have to commute to the office, you can use that time productively and tend to your problems of missing out on work.

However, you cannot just work from home whenever you want. Unless you have a valid reason about why you won’t come to the office, you cannot ask to work from home.

Particular excuses are acceptable when you want to do so, and you should present your request to your employer accordingly.

What Should You Consider While Asking to Work From Home?

What Should You Consider While Asking to Work From Home
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When you seek permission from your employers regarding whether you can work from home or not, you need to keep a few points in mind.

1. Make a Proper Request

Make a Proper Request
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First, you should be careful about your choice of words. Just because you know you can deliver by working from home, you should not undermine the fact that you are not showing up at the office. Be respectful that you would not call in for work and be polite and professional in your request.

You can also email seeking permission, just as you would have done if you had requested a day off.

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2. Be on Call

Be on Call
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Next, you should always try to be on call. One reason why employers want their employees back in the office is that several discussions can be taken care of only when the team sits together and brainstorms.

While several platforms now allow you to hold virtual meetings, some would say it is not the same. So, even if you are not coming to work, make sure that you are available to take calls and will attend any virtual meetings when required.

3. Deliver Quality Work

Deliver Quality Work
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It would be best if you were mindful of the quality of the work you deliver. While working from home allows you to tend to your matters, it also presents many distractions.

Handling your domestic issues, as well as working simultaneously, can be tricky. Although many have mastered the art of juggling both during the pandemic, it is still essential to be mindful of the quality of work you deliver.

4. Do Not Exaggerate

Do Not Exaggerate
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One thing you must remember while stating your excuses to work from home is that you must not exaggerate your reasons.

For example, if you say that you want to work from home because you are unwell, do not say that you are so sick that you need bed rest.

In that case, how will you sit up and work, even though you are working from home, as any work requires physical exertion, no matter where you are.

Similarly, do not say that you cannot go to the office because you have a family emergency and will spend your day at the hospital. In that case, how will you work if you spend the better part of the day at the hospital?

Your employers will see right through your excuses, so it is important to be moderate while stating your reasons for wanting to work from home.

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Why Don’t Employers Prefer Working From Home Anymore?

Although the pandemic has ensured that one can still stay at the top of one’s work while working from home, employers do not prefer it for several reasons. They want their employees to be present at the office. Here is why.

1. Better Communication

Better Communication
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One reason is that work from home was more of a necessity during the pandemic, and certain kinds of work are done better when one is at the office.

In the case of jobs like customer care executives, it is essential that the employee interacts with the customer in person at the storefront or front desk rather than speaking on the phone.

It also becomes crucial during collaborative projects, as working over virtual meeting platforms does not provide the same results. Presentations made to new clients are also better made in person rather than speaking to them online.

2. Undivided Attention

Undivided Attention

Many employers have found that employees take on additional projects from third-party sources and work on them during office hours.

While the employer has no say in what the employee does after completing the stipulated 40 hours at work, trying to handle multiple projects in the time bracket that should be solely devoted to the company can result in a compromised position.

The task at hand will not receive the employee’s undivided attention, as would have been the case had they come to the office.

3. Fewer Distractions

Fewer Distractions
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Holding virtual meetings from home or a café could be very distracting. There is always some noise or other distractions in the background, which is inevitable when you are not in a formal setting.

While holding meetings of fundamental importance, especially one that involves overseas clients, can signify a lack of professionalism. Hence, it is essential for the employers that the employees be present in the office during such vital sessions.

Reasons to Work From Home

While requesting to work from home, you must convince your employer that your work will not suffer. You must be careful about why you want to work from home. Some reasons are as follows:

  • Medical reasons
  • Family emergency
  • Pet health issues
  • Personal issues at home
  • Car problems
  • Bad weather
  • Mental health issue
  • Package delivery
  • Children’s birthday

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Excuses You Can Use if You Want to Work From Home

You might want to take a day off and want to watch a movie with your friends or go for a long walk in the morning to feel relaxed before starting work for the day. However, these are reasons you cannot state in a professional scenario.

Here are some excuses you can use instead. You can email stating your reasons and customize the example to suit your situation.

Example 1

Hello Sir,

I want to work from home tomorrow. I have had a mild headache and body ache ever since I returned from work today. It could be because of exhaustion, and it would be great if I could avoid the stress of commuting for a day. Please allow me to work from home tomorrow. I would deliver the project on time.

(Your name)

Example 2

Hello Ma’am,

Please allow me to work from home the day after. My daughter is five, and I want to spend the day with her. Although we have planned a party this weekend, I would like to be around her for the day, but I don’t want to miss work entirely as the project deadline is soon due. So working from home would be a good alternative. I would appreciate it.

(Your name)

Example 3 

Hi Steve,

I must go to the doctor’s tomorrow to have my knee checked. It has been six months since the accident, and the six-month check-up is tomorrow. Honestly, it has been giving me some trouble lately, so I want to keep the appointment. On the other hand, it would be too late to commute to the office after that, so I was thinking of working from home instead. I would appreciate it.

(Your name)

Example 4

Hello Samantha,

I want to work from home today. I will be selling my apartment soon, and some buyers are coming for a visit. I would have to present to show them around, so it would be great if you allowed me to work from home today. I will stay on call anytime you need me.

(Your name)

Example 5

Good morning, Sir

I want to work from home tomorrow as I have to take my dog to her vet appointment. She has been unwell for quite a few days, and since she stays by herself for long hours when I am away at work, I think she is also under a little stress. Hence, I would like to spend the day at home after the appointment, and working from home can be a good solution. I would appreciate it.

(Your name)

Example 6

Hello Ma’am

I don’t think I will make it to work today. I started work at the usual time, but my car broke down a few minutes later. I just had it towed away, and now I am heading home as the office is still quite a way off, and the transport here is not good. However, I would like to work from home instead as I don’t want to miss work either. I will join the scheduled meeting this afternoon through zoom and be available on call for the rest of the day. I hope you understand.

(Your name)

Example 7

Hello Sir,

I hope you are well. I want to work from home for the next couple of days. I have an issue with stress and anxiety, and I have been seeing a therapist lately who advised that I stay away from chaotic places at intervals to manage my stress. You know how the office gets during peak hours. Hence, I would like to stay home to care for my mental health. However, I do not want to miss work either, so it would be great if you allowed me to work from home.

(Your name)

Example 8

Hello Ruth,

I will not be able to commute to work today. The sudden snow last night has left our entire neighborhood buried three feet in the snow, and it is impossible to get my car out unless the snow melts or is removed. So I will be working from home today instead. I would be available on call, so you won’t have trouble reaching me. Have a nice day.

(Your name)


If you can ensure that working from home will not compromise your quality of work, then your employers will probably permit you.

One of the best ways of doing so is to ask to work from home on a day when there isn’t anything important at the office.

You can do your share of work from home, and staying in touch with your colleagues and employers over calls and emails should get you through the day.

And you can make the best of it by tending to your matters and without missing work simultaneously. Unless it is a real emergency, use your excuses wisely.