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7 Legit Pregnancy Excuses to Get Out of Work

If you are expecting a baby, you obviously have a lot on your mind. You are not only worried about the arrival of your baby but your baby’s health and the future that lies ahead. You also have to deal with hormonal changes in your body, along with the resultant mood swings and physical changes.

Hence, when stress and fatigue related to work are thrown into the mix, you have a pretty daunting scenario at hand. And it is completely alright if you feel overwhelmed at times and want to get off work early on certain days.

However, workplace rules are the same for all employees, and although there is a lot of awareness now about the needs of pregnant working ladies and how workplaces should make it a priority to accommodate them, there is still a lot left to be done.

Hence, there are times when you have to come up with excuses to get out of work while pregnant.

Depending upon the moods and point of view, you have to present some legit excuses so that you are granted permission to leave work early.

Why Do You Have to Make Excuses to Get Out of Work while Pregnant?

Why Do You Have to Make Excuses to Get Out of Work while Pregnant
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For those who have not borne a child or have never been in close proximity to pregnant women, it can be challenging to comprehend why pregnant women need all the rest and help they can get. Patriarchal social norms have somehow ingrained the notion in several minds that since women are biologically equipped to bear children, it is a walk in the park for them! Here is why it is perfectly alright to make excuses if you have to while pregnant.

For Your Child’s Sake

For a pregnant woman, the child will come first, no matter what. And if overworking and stress cause physical distress in the mother’s body, it will immediately affect the unborn child. If you are pregnant and feel that you need a break for the sake of your child, then go ahead and take it without feeling guilty about being unprofessional for doing so.

To Avoid Bigger Problems Later at the Workplace

To Avoid Bigger Problems Later at the Workplace
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There are too many complications that can result during pregnancy. Not resting enough is one of the major causes that result in situations like miscarriages and complications.

If something like that happens, the female employee will end up taking up even more leaves, and work will be hindered even more down the line. It is better to get out of work as soon as one feels the need rather than have regrets later.

Dealing with Workplace Compensations

It is in the interests of the workplace to excuse a pregnant lady when she asks for it, as any mishaps later will be attributed to the workplace. This could lead to an ugly situation of compensation claims which is not in the interest of any party. Nor should a pregnant lady have to deal with such a risk. Hence, making excuses to get out of work while pregnant is perfectly alright.

7 Excuses You May Use to Get Out of Work While Pregnant

7 Excuses You May Use to Get Out of Work While Pregnant
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Even though most workplaces today grant paid maternity leaves to their female employees, it is only right before the delivery due date. The period of pregnancy lasts well over nine months, and the first trimester is as crucial as the last. There is no telling what a pregnant woman might feel at any point during the pregnancy. Hence, if you are pregnant, you can use these excuses any time to get out of work.

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1. Pain in the Lower Back And Pelvis

A few months into the pregnancy: Your body starts feeling heavy as your abdomen grows more prominent. This puts pressure on the lower half of your body, especially on the hips. Sitting for long hours in front of the computer or staying on your feet for extended hours will worsen the pain. It could lead to uncomfortable cramps, which can rise up the backbone.

Resultant pains may also occur in the neck and shoulders. As the months advance, these problems only become more acute with time. The legs and feet might also feel heavy and bloated.

On certain days, these problems might seem worse than others, and it is perfectly alright if you use this as an excuse to get out of work before matters get worse.

2. Nausea And Dizziness

Nausea and Dizziness
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Nausea and dizziness are common side effects of pregnancy. It is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy, and they keep recurring in bouts throughout the period. The dizziness can be quite severe sometimes, and the slightest changes in smell can cause a pregnant woman to vomit.

The sense of smell is hugely heightened during this period, and the hormonal changes make them sensitive to specific tastes and smell that they were otherwise tolerant of. Hence, this is perfectly plausible if you want to get out of work early by making an excuse. You can say you are feeling unwell, and no one would wish a lady to vomit and fall over in the middle of a busy work day.

Moreover, the blood pressure could also fluctuate considerably during this period, and dizziness could result from it. Hence, if you indeed feel dizzy and want to get off work, also ensure you get a checkup.

3. Premature Contractions

If you are nearer to your due date and you are still working, then one of the excuses to get out of work while pregnant that you may use is that you are experiencing contractions. Premature contractions are indeed a phenomenon known as Braxton Hicks. It is the female body’s way of preparing for labor, and it might feel that the labor contractions have started.

However, they are far less intense and usually pass away after a while. But you can use them as an excuse to get off early. Sometimes, these contractions can also last a while, and it is always good to have them checked. It is a perfectly reliable excuse, and the workplace is bound to honor it.

4. Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Deprivation
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Pregnancy problems can vary; sometimes, they are enough to keep you awake all night. This can result in sleep deprivation leading to fatigue. Coupled with the pressures and stress of work, this can be a lot to handle at times.

Not only do you risk falling or hurting yourself in such a tired physical state, but you can also make mistakes at work that will not be in the best interests of the company as well. Hence, it is a good enough reason to get off work if you feel overly tired and sleep-deprived.

5. Vaginal Bleeding

So you suddenly rise from your seat to use the washroom, and you notice vaginal bleeding. Some minimal bleeding at times is expected during this period, and it could also be indicative of something more severe and should not be overlooked. In fact, it is one of those situations where you should seek immediate medical help. You can also confide in a female coworker.

6. Contagious Illness in the Workplace

Contagious Illness in the Workplace
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Since several people work together in an office room, it is quite possible that some of them could feel unwell at times. Chronic ailments like cough or a runny nose are usually harmless.

However, if you are pregnant, your chances of contracting the disease are much higher because the hormonal changes in the body often lower your immunity. The fetus is also at greater risk of being infected by a bacteria or virus, which could result in developmental issues in extreme cases.

Hence, if you notice anyone suffering from any kind of contagious illness in the office or suspect someone is suffering from some illness that could most likely threaten your and your baby’s health, you can excuse yourself from work and get off early.

Some coworkers often try to hide their illnesses from the management in case they are asked to take unpaid leaves, and sitting with them in closed, air-conditioned offices increases your chances of infection. Since your’s and your baby’s health is of utmost priority during this period, you can use this as an excuse and get off work.

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7. Keeping a Medical Appointment

One of the best excuses you can make to get out of work when pregnant is to say you have a medical appointment with your gynecologist. While any other kind of medical appointment can wait, it is essential that you get your pregnancy tests and checkups done on time to monitor the health of the baby.

Failing to do so might result in deficiencies and complications that can become severe during childbirth, and it could also affect the mental and physical development of the baby.

Prenatal checkups are essential; you cannot afford to miss them, and they will give you a valid excuse to get off work early. Moreover, these checkups are even more essential if you have met any kind of injury lately- as in case you might have tripped or fallen. And if the doctor suggests, you might also have to take leave from work.


Hence, if you need to get out of work while pregnant, you can use these legitimate excuses without seeming unprofessional. While your career is essential, taking care of yourself and your child is a topmost priority at this period.

If your employer values you, they will not begrudge you the time you need to relax and give birth to a healthy baby. It will only make you a more loyal and responsible employee in the future, and they know it.

So go ahead and make excuses if you need some time for yourself at this extraordinary juncture in your life, and all will be well when you return to work.