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How to Showcase Customer Service Skills Precisely Over Resume?

A powerful resume highlighting your achievements and industry-relevant skills is essential to get a job in customer service. The ability to write and design an interesting resume is crucial. This will ensure that your resume is easy to read and has all the necessary information in the correct sequence. Studying resume samples and writing tips are the best ways to create an amazing resume.

Customer service positions are in high demand. Many employees claim to have what it takes to successfully work as a customer service representative.

If you’re looking for a customer service role, you’ll agree that getting your resume seen is the first obstacle you’ll have to overcome. You may possess all of the necessary skills, but if your customer service resume is badly written and has no proof of your exceptional abilities, you may find yourself waiting indefinitely for recruiters to respond.

In this article, we’ve highlighted what customer service skills are and how to demonstrate them in your resume, along with some amazing tips. Let’s get started.

Customer Service Skills

Customer Service Skills

Customer service is amongst the most crucial areas of any company that sells items or provides services to its customers. It also refers to a set of operations that are focused on enhancing customer satisfaction. If the products or services fulfill the client’s expectations, customer service will notify them. It greatly impacts a company’s capacity to generate revenue and purchases.

Outstanding customer service is essential if the company has to be a success. When done correctly, it can positively impact a company’s bottom line.

An efficient customer care representative is one who can assist both new and old clients. Understands that they are the company’s voice and can give assistance quickly, sympathetically, and with the customer’s experience at the foreground of every engagement.

Why Should You Showcase Your Customer Service Skills in Your Resume?

In recent years, many businesses have realized the value of exceptional client service.

That’s why, for any client-facing role that provides support, answers questions, or resolves issues, recruiters often look for certain qualities and skills. The customer service industry is rapidly expanding. Employers are looking for people with customer service skillsets.

Customer service comes at the end of the marketing process. When companies do not care about customer service and client satisfaction, they risk trailing behind their competition.

As a result, these jobs are crucial to the company’s success. When applying for any client-facing job, you must demonstrate on your resume that you have the skills and expertise to properly manage customer relations.

Customer Service Skills to List on Your Resume

Customer service skills that demonstrate your capacity to help others are ideal to mention on your resume. To identify skills that match the job description’s keywords, evaluate the keywords.

You’ll note that the list of skills you’ll need varies depending on the position you’re applying for.

Employers usually look for the following customer service skills:

  1. Empathy
  2. Communication skills
  3. Product/service knowledge
  4. Patience
  5. Positive attitude
  6. Problem-solving skills
  7. Positive language
  8. Active listening
  9. Personal responsibility
  10. Time management
  11. Confidence
  12. Resilience
  13. A willingness to go the extra mile
  14. Authenticity
  15. Conflict resolution
  16. Adaptability
  17. Cross-Selling / Up-Selling
  18. Attentiveness
  19. Computer skills
  20. Teamwork

The skills listed above are ideal for customer service positions. However, don’t just copy and paste them onto your CV. Always keep in mind the most significant CS skills listed in the job description, and add extra only if they are relevant. Whatever qualities you highlight, ensure you can explain how they relate to the position you’re looking for.

6 Amazing Tips for Writing an Exceptional Customer Service Resume

1. Review the Job Description

Review the Job Description

First and foremost, evaluate the job description for the role you’re going for and look for keywords in the parts describing the responsibilities, duties, and relevant expertise. Highlight or make a list of terms from the job requirements that match your customer service skills.

2. The Resume Objective Should be Targeting the Position

The Resume Objective Should be Targeting the Position

A resume objective for customer service should demonstrate to hiring managers that you are competent and motivated. Remember to highlight why your expertise, skills, and previous accomplishments will benefit the firm and help it grow when drafting your objective.

Here’s what a strong objective in your CV should look like:

“CS Representative having 7+ years of expertise in customer support fulfilling duties such as marketing, customer care, and offering technical support. Have experience with important customer service technologies such as Zendesk and HubSpot, good at resolving conflicts, and have a positive mindset. Trying to fill the management position at [organization] with my proven customer service knowledge and expertise.”

3. Add a Separate Skills Section

Make a separate section on your resume where you can mention your skills. List particular customer service skills that fit the job description keywords in this section to show you’re a suitable match. To work effectively, customer service representatives need to have a balance of hard and soft skills. The job description will almost always list applicable abilities. If you have any, incorporate those skills on your resume to highlight your qualifications to potential employers.

4. Keep it Precise and Consistent

Keep it Precise and Consistent

You don’t have to detail your work history. Instead, focus on the most pertinent details for the job you’re looking for. Maintain the same format in the entire document and follow a uniform style. You can use customer service resume templates as a guide to keeping your resume consistent and easy to read. Remember that recruiters receive tons of resumes every year, and you must be unique to be hired.

5. Be Honest

Be Honest

If you’re going to include any information on your resume, try to be completely honest. Because most companies will do thorough research to verify information submitted. Never give inaccurate information about your prior work dates, job titles, or education level.

6. Emphasize the Outcomes

Make sure to emphasize the outcomes of your prior job experiences while writing a customer service resume. Most individuals are unaware that raising response rates or customer satisfaction is a terrific accomplishment to include on your resume if you want to stand out. The importance of emphasizing outcomes is critical since it generates enthusiasm, which will persuade the recruiter to approach you for additional information.

For example, improved customer retention by 30% by using active listening techniques.

Here’s How to Demonstrate Your Skills on Your Resume?

  1. Read the job description to find what customer service skills are necessary.
  2. Enlist your skills. You can use the internet to find references.
  3. Make your customer service skills stand out on your resume by including them in a dedicated key skills section.
  4. Employ the bullet points to demonstrate that you have those skills.
  5. For the ideal mix, combine soft and hard skills.
  6. Make a list of up to 10 essential skills and choose the ones you excel at.
  7. Ensure your relevant skills are sprinkled throughout your customer service resume. Include these in the job description and objective of your customer service resume as well.

Here are some examples showing how to precisely highlight customer service skills on your resume.

1. Communication Skills

Handle 50+ client interactions every day to maintain customer retention by providing thorough, customized, courteous, and polite service.

2. Computer Skills

Trained two recruits on how to utilize the company software, enter client data, and manage customer interaction logs.

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3. Patience

Maintain a pleasant and calm demeanor at all times, especially in the face of extreme client dissatisfaction.

4. Product/Service Knowledge

Memorized the whole range of company services and products, including pricing and special offers.

5. Language Skills

Fluent in French – capable of meeting all customer service needs with French speakers

6. Stress Management

During peak season, managed to keep the team calm and competent while preserving a 100% customer satisfaction rating.

7. Problem-Solving Skills

Processed and addressed an average of 60 inquiries per day.

8. Time Management

Improved customer retention by 25% by introducing new processes to reduce customer waiting time.

9. Teamwork

Developed a more effective way for answering incoming client queries with a team of five other employees.


Allow yourself some time to perfect your resume, since it serves as a connection between you and employers. Often overlooked, yet a valuable asset that could help you land the job you’ve always desired.

To be seen in today’s zealous market, you must be unique and different. Given that recruiters only have a limited amount of time to go over a CV, it’s critical to make the most of it. When drafting a resume, there is no set format to follow. When your resume is placed on the table, it is all about how it seems in contrast to the other resumes that are stacked next to it.

A resume may disclose what kind of a person you are. It shows your experiences and your objectives. And if you’re heading in the right direction, perhaps a new customer service career is just around the corner.