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How to Write Cover Letter For Internships With No Experience?

An internship is an excellent way to embark on your career right after completing your formal education. However, when you start sending out applications for internships, the employers will expect you to send a cover letter along with your resume.

A cover letter supports your resume, and it is all about highlighting your achievements thus far. You can include some of your skills and elaborate on certain aspects that will help you secure the internship. You can also express your reasons about what makes you think you are an apt candidate for the role. You can also write about some of the crucial skills you have acquired.

Here are some points you must consider while framing a cover letter, followed by a cover letter sample for an internship. They will help you draft a cover letter and secure a position as an intern, which will be a great stepping stone when you set out to start your career.

Cover Letter for Internship- Points to Keep in Mind

When you apply for the position of an intern in a company, it is a given that you do not have much experience beyond any kind of fieldwork that you might have had to complete as a part of your coursework during your formal education.

Hence, your cover letter should capture the attention of the hiring managers or employers because of the skills that you have acquired in the meantime, as well as provide them with crucial information that will give them the impression that you will be able to put your theoretical skills to good use and acquire valuable practical skills on the job as well, which could eventually benefit the company. Here is how you can do that.

1. Why You Want to Apply for a Particular Role?

Why You Want to Apply for a Particular Role
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While starting your letter, you must state the role you are interested in applying for and then explain why you think you are the best person for the job. It will show that you have written the cover letter explicitly, keeping the position in mind, specific for the said organization, and not just an umbrella letter for any position that comes your way. Being specific at this point will attract the employer’s attention and induce them to read further.

2. Choose the Correct Keywords

You must carefully go through the job description and look for keywords to place in your cover letter. This has the dual purpose of highlighting your cover letter when the employers are conducting database research and helping them look for particular qualities in the candidates. An idea about the work ethics and requirements of the company will help you choose the right keywords, like “time management” or “organizational skills.”

3. Include your Coursework

If you do not have much experience, you must write about your coursework in detail in the cover letter. This will help you establish that you have the knowledge and the resources to do well in this position, and all you need is an opportunity where you can put your skills to the test. So you can write about some particular feature or aspect of the coursework that might have resulted in some added accomplishments.

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4. Highlight your Soft Skills

Highlight your Soft Skills
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You can use the cover letter to highlight some of your soft skills. Even if you do not have industry experience, soft skills and theoretical knowledge can help you make a mark as an intern. Any added expertise as a volunteer in an organization or for your extra-curricular activities can also be listed here. For example, if you are applying as an intern for a manager, you can discuss how you were responsible for organizing and managing your school food drive.

5. Explain What You Wish to Learn from the Internship?

What are your goals for completing the internship? An internship program aims to help the students understand the country’s requirements and build a workforce. Depending on the candidate, there might be many things that the company can achieve as it helps them develop valuable skills. You can state in your cover letter what your goals are and what you intend to learn from this program.

6. Thorough Review

You must thoroughly review your cover letter before sending it. You must proofread the letter and check for any spelling or grammatical errors. A poorly drafted cover letter or one full of mistakes will create a wrong impression.

No Experience? You Can Still write a Cover Letter

Yes, writing a cover letter with no experience is possible, though it might seem challenging at first. Even if you have no relevant work experience, you can still focus on your soft skills, your educational credentials, extra-curricular activities, and volunteering work. You can talk about what you intend to take away from the internship and how you want to put your newly found skills to good use. Most importantly, your prospective employer must understand that you have a zeal to learn and grow.

How to Send a Cover Letter?

How to Send a Cover Letter
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There are two ways of doing so.

  • You can write the cover letter directly in the email body and then attach your resume from the “Attachments.
  • You could attach your cover letter to the email as another document.

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Mistakes to Avoid While writing a Cover Letter for Internship

As a novice in the industry, it is a given that applying for an internship can be pretty overwhelming at first. Here are some mistakes you must try to avoid.

#1. Not Reading About the Company

Not Reading about the Company

You should have ample knowledge about the company to which you are applying. Not researching about the company and finding out what they are trying to do is a grave mistake, for then you wouldn’t know which role within the organization is going to be a good fit for you. You would write a generic letter that will fail to make an impression.

#2. Not Listing the Contact Information

Sometimes, interns often fail to include their contact information in a sheer hurry. Apart from the email id from which the letter was sent, prospective employers often have no way to reach you or ask you questions over the phone. So be sure to list the details.

#3. Not Including Full Educational Details and Certifications

When using names of institutions and certifications, try to do so in full and avoid abbreviations. Your employer should have no doubt about the nature of your degree or diploma and what you have managed to learn as a part of your formal training.

Sample Letter for an Internship Position

Now that you know what you can include in the letter, here is a sample that you can use for your internship applications. You can customize the cover letter according to the role you are applying for.

Respected Sir/ Madam,

I want to apply for a position as an intern for the (name of the program)internship program at your prestigious organization (name of the company). Please consider my resume for the same. I believe I have the skills required to fulfill the role.

I have completed my (name of highest degree) from (name of educational institute). It was a (duration of the course) year course. During this period, I have learned about (name the skills you have learned) and was responsible for (name any task you had completed).

In addition, I had also volunteered for (name of the organization), and I was responsible for being in charge of (name the responsibilities you carried out). It has helped me understand the value of time management, and I was also able to hone my organizational skills. I have learned how to work in and contribute to a team, which I believe will be an asset for a company with a large workforce like yours.

This internship program will help me learn new skills, and I will finally be able to put my hard-earned knowledge to the test. Through the program, I aim to learn about (name the areas you want to learn about) under the valuable guidance of the experts and supervisors heading the program. It will help me gain hands-on experience and will teach me about how the industry works.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and I am hoping you will give me a chance to appear for an interview.

Your name
Contact information


There is no reason to believe that no company will hire you because you do not have work experience. After all, it would be best if you started somewhere to gain experience, and any employer with foresight will see that. The cover letter should be able to highlight your relevant skills that can be further honed during the internship program. Once you have completed the internship, you could be invited to formally apply and join the organization as an employee. You could use it to apply for other positions and embark on a successful journey.