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Companies That Pay You to Travel The World

Never believed that there are companies that pay you to travel the world? Daydreaming about traveling while sitting in an office from 9 to 5?

You’re not sure if you’ll be able to afford to travel for your summer vacation and all this feels less and less appealing to you.

There’s more to life than just living paycheck to paycheck and retiring when you are too old and tired to enjoy life.

No, you don’t need to become a social media influencer to be able to travel the world and no, you don’t need to wait until you climb the corporate ladder to become a CEO when you turn 50.

You can build an actual career while you travel the world.

There are many companies that pay well and train millennials to travel the world.

Why millennials?

The job requires you to travel 11 months per year around the world, moving from one country to another and working in a very fast-paced environment.

These companies prefer people who are young and flexible, as it is a very demanding job, which requires 110% dedication.

Someone who has a spouse and children at home would not be able to be away from the family for 11 months straight per year. This is why they target millennials.


What do these companies do?

These are media companies, specialized in producing annual magazines or reports on different economies around the world.

What about the actual job?

The business model of these companies is very simple.

They send a team of 2 people, one is the Country Manager in charge of selling advertising space in the magazine and managing the project as a whole, and the other one is the Country Editor, who is in charge of the editorial aspect of the project.

Depending on the project, the team might consist also of an assistant and several trainees that eventually will become Country Managers or Editors and sent to their own project.

The team is based in a country between 4 to 9 months, depending on the size of the market, where they will meet with some of the most important people, from CEOs of some of the largest corporations to politicians, including presidents.

The Country Editor will be interviewing the CEOs and politicians in order to be able to compile a comprehensive overview of the country’s economy.

These interviews will be published in the report or magazine free of charge, however, there is the option of paid advertising, both in print and digital, as most of them, they do have an online version nowadays.

This involves a lot of training and preparation, as you need to know and understand the economy of that particular country, in order to target the key players and, of course, the companies that have either an interest abroad or an interest in attracting foreign investment.

Where the interest is present, they will be more likely to invest in advertising with an international business magazine that is distributed directly to their targets.

What about the pay?

First, you need to understand that the countries targeted by these media companies are mostly developing countries, such as Colombia, Nigeria, Indonesia, Turkey, Lebanon, Uganda, Philippines, etc., which do need as much exposure internationally as they can get.

Second, given the nature of the job, there are a lot of benefits, aside from being paid to travel the world.

Accommodation, transportation and telecommunications while in the country, are all covered.

Also, you are provided with a car and a driver, as you need to be fully dedicated to the job and, with 4-5 meetings on average per day, you will be spending a lot of time in the car doing research, making phone calls and sending emails.

The salary depends on the company. Some pay better than others, however, the range for someone who just joins the company, is between $2,000 to $2,500.

While it doesn’t sound like much, your only expenses while in the country are on food and personal expenses.

The commission scheme starts at a minimum of 8,5%. Given the sales targets, which are always achieved, you can triple your annual salary.

Again, it all depends on the assigned country. For example, Nigeria is booming, so an average project there will have total sales of approximately $1,000,000 (1 million dollars).

At 8,5%, your commission would be $ 85,000 on top of your $ 24,000 base salary. This makes for more than 100K income per year. Not too shabby.

Companies that pay you to travel the world

Having worked in this industry and getting to know people that have moved from one company to another, I have compiled a list of the companies that I personally recommend:

  1. Oxford Business Group
  2. The Business Year
  3. World Investment News
  4. Global Business Reports

There are plenty of other companies in the country reports industry, however, not all of them are professional.

If you are considering a career with one of these companies, make sure to get in contact with current and past employees, in order to make sure that you choose the one that fits you best.

Also, if you have any questions regarding this job, feel free to ask in the comment section and I’ll be happy to answer.

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  1. Hey corina, im alain from lebanon and i live in lebanon, im self employed but im interested in this kind of career, im 29 years old will this be a problem to start such a career?

    • Hi Alain! Thanks for your question. These companies hire people from all over the world. The only minimum requirement is to have some sales experience and, of course, to have an extroverted personality. They will do the rest. Your age is perfect. Feel free to check their websites and apply directly there. You can also check if they have any openings on LinkedIn. Good luck!

  2. hi, I am bibi smith, a Nigerian, I am interested in this position but I don’t have a business degree and can only speak English and my mother’s native tongue Igbo. how can I prepare for a job like this? i am 30 years old but single and have no children,am i still eligible?

    how can I connect with previous or current employees of this international jobs?

    • Hi Bibi. You can go straight to the company’s website and check their career section. I included the links in the article.


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