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13 High-Paying Job Careers For Creative Personalities

The art of producing something of great value that has not been produced or created before is what we call creativity. Creativity is a skill that not everyone has, so if you have one, you are truly blessed to have it.

People with a talent for producing something new can make a great career in creative fields. If you have art and are creative, you don’t need to worry about a good salary. Those who want a job in the creative field need skills, qualifications, education, training, and a good amount of experience.

Some creative people may require a certain educational qualification to advance to entry-level in their particular field. Read the article to find out about certain high-paying jobs that creative people can apply for.

Why is it a Good Option to Find a Career in Creative Jobs Mainly?

Why is it a Good Option to Find a Career in Creative Jobs Mainly
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Many factors are there that make a creative job a good option as a career for creative people. Here are some of the factors listed below that will explain to you:

Sharp skills: Creative jobs have creative and innovative thinking requirements. In addition, the work provides certain fixed deadlines to keep the employees responsible and alert.

Flexibility: Those who work in creative jobs mostly work as contractors or are self-employed. There is no timing issue in such cases, and the person gets full flexibility.

Increasing Demands And interests: The All India Survey Higher Education (AISHE) 2018-19 revealed that enrollment in engineering courses has significantly declined. Nowadays, the youth are more interested in creating jobs.

Teamwork: Many creative works are done in collaboration and cooperation with the team as more brains develop more innovative ideas and the success rate increases.

List of Careers For Creative Personalities

A person should take some online classes and internship programs to help them improve their skills and make a good living from the creative job. Here is the list of some of the creative jobs you can do if you possess talent.

1. Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist
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Makeup artists are one of the most in-demand careers nowadays due to a lot of people’s awareness. Makeup artists can make up to $59,000 annually, and the projected growth for this by the year 2026 is 12%, as predicted by experts.

These workers who work as makeup artists are especially invited to functions like weddings, proms, or other events for makeup and to transform the faces of the performers.

Those makeup artists who are specialized in their work can work in theater shows and earn well. Still, those who work for celebrities earn even better by popularizing social media content.

Many routes into the profession of makeup artist typically include courses on stage makeup. Also, for makeup artists, a little formal education and knowledge about this are important.

However, many prefer to do a degree in cosmetology and work as a professional cosmetologists, although a license is important.

2. Writers and Authors

Writers and Authors
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Writers like to tell stories or facts in the most effective way that holds the reader’s interest. This is how writers and authors earn their living, i.e., by writing some amazing stories.

The readers can get this information and writings written by their favorite writers through multiple places like advertisements, books, guides, manuals, magazines, movies, plays, television scripts, blogs, and novels wherever the writer prefers to write.

Writers can easily make approximately $62,000 every year by following their passion. Moreover, as per reports, the writing profession has a growth scale of 8% by 2026.

There is no particular specification like that the writer should possess a degree to follow their passion. Still, some salary-based positions for writers prefer the writers to have a bachelor’s degree in English, communication, journalism, or any other equal degree. Some writers pave their way into this industry by self-publishing articles or blogs and making a good living.

3. College Drama, Art, and Music Teachers

College Drama, Art, and Music Teachers
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The professors in this field teach the college or university students various arts they specialize in. In addition, these professors can participate in research or assist in research, demand grants or funds to facilitate their research, etc.

The needs of professors can be different, and it depends upon various factors like the subject taught, the type of educational institute they are working in, the educational background of the professor, etc.

For example, to teach in a university, professors may be required to hold a Ph.D. degree, but in some cases, a master’s degree is enough to teach the students in the college.

A professor at a college can easily make an annual wage of $68,960, and the projected job growth rate through 2026, as per research, is 12%.

4. Editors

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Those with strong communication and writing skills can easily make a living as editors. An editor’s job involves producing content for different platforms like books, newspapers, magazines, websites, etc.

An editor’s job involves rewriting the article to make it easy to understand. Also, they review the content for grammatical errors, spelling problems, and real and structural problems.

Finally, editors review the pitch, assign the articles and stories to the writers, and help the writers develop new ideas considering the publication needs.

Research shows an editor can easily make a median wage of $59,000 annually, and the projected growth rate by the year 2026 for this profession is -1%, as stated by research.

According to BLS, a bachelor’s degree in journalism, communication, or English is important to be an editor. Additionally, previous proofreading or editing experience is required to be a good editor and make a good wage in this field.

Employers usually prefer those with experience in multiple media and platforms like television, websites, or social media. Also, the editors who specialize in the field they cover are always the employers’ first choice.

5. Web Developer

Web Developer
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Web development is one of the most in-demand professions for creative people as per the increasing modernization. These specialized tech workers are good at designing the websites that companies or individuals demand. When designing websites, the tech developer considers the specialized designs and the required traffic capacity as the client wants.

The job of a web developer ranges from helping and assisting the client in determining the information the website should contain to writing the codes or testing the application.

Web developers can easily make a wage of $69,430 annually, and the projected job growth rate for this profession through the year 2026 is 15%, as per reports.

There is no particular requirement for a tech degree, but many web developers in this field at least hold an associate degree in web design. People with programing language and design skills can easily make a living in this field. According to studies, many employers prefer to employ web developers with such skills more than degrees.

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6. Film and Video Editors

Film and Video Editors
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These film industry workers use specialized video editing software to tell a story or convey some information. In addition, these workers collaborate with the producers, directors, and camera people on the overall vision for filming, editing, and production that needs to be improved on a scene or to assist with the type of equipment needed to make a good film, like light, lenses, etc.

The minimum annual wage for film and video editors is nearly $62,650. Also, the projected job growth rate for film and video editors is nearly 17%, as per studies.

Many film and video editors hold bachelor’s degrees in subjects related to film, broadcasting, or other related fields that hold them eligible to do this work. However, the most important requirement for a film or video editor job is proficiency with digital cameras and video editing software.

7. Landscape Architects

Landscape Architects
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Landscape architects are experts at making parks, playgrounds, roofs, gardens, and other outdoor spaces for businesses, government buildings, campuses, and private homes.

To do their job efficiently, landscape architects meet with the client and discuss the requirements, like estimating the cost and analyzing the environmental report on land conditions like sewage, drainage problems, etc. Also, they prepare a proper site plan by meeting the client that meets its needs.

The median annual pay of $68,230 is what you can expect if you want to work as a landscape architect. Also, as per studies, the projected job growth rate for landscape artists through 2026 is 6%.

If you want to work as a landscape artist, you should possess a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture at least and a state-issued license that is given after the completion of the internship only.

8. Industrial Designer

Industrial Designer
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The most creative profession in which designers combine art, engineering, and business, to make those products that people use daily. From cars to children’s toys, all kinds of products and concepts are what these designers develop.

The industrial designer must consider the production costs, functions, aesthetics, and usability of every product they create.

The median annual wage that an industrial designer can make is approximately $65,590.

Also, the projected job growth rate for industrial designers through 2026 is 4%, as per studies.

A bachelor’s degree in industrial design, engineering, architecture, or other such degree is the requirement for an entry-level industrial designer. It makes them eligible to move forward with their work. If the industrial designer possesses an electronic profile with examples of the products they designed earlier, then the employers’ first choice will be such individuals.

9. Fashion Designers

Fashion Designers
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Fashion designers make new and unique designs for clothing, footwear, or other accessories that leave us amazed. These designers sketch the ideas that come to mind and choose specific fabrics that sound appealing to them. Along with this, they decide the production technique and other requirements that will bring life to their art and sound appealing to retailers and customers.

The median annual salary for a fashion designer is about $72,720, and this job is expected to grow by about 3% by 2026.

Fashion designers, as per usual requirements, possess a bachelor’s degree in fashion designing, fashion merchandising, or other related fields. But suppose you possess a strong portfolio or collection of design ideas demonstrating your designs and skills along with the talent you hold. In that case, you can enter this field without a bachelor’s degree because most employers rely on such things more than degrees.

10. Multimedia Artists and Animators

Multimedia Artists and Animators
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Multimedia artists and animators are those who create two-dimensional and three-dimensional models, computer-generated images, moving images, and virtual effects for televisions, video games, and films, along with other such entertainment media.

Multimedia artists and animators typically work with clients such as designers, game developers, and other animators, assisting them in creating the ideal graphics that are needed for a particular project. They also help set the development deadlines and edit the animation or effects the client asks them to do and get paid accordingly.

A multimedia artist and animator can easily make a monthly wage of $72,520. Also, as per reports, the projected job growth for this profession through 2026 is 8%.

A bachelor’s degree in computer graphics, fine arts, animation, or a related field like this is important if a person wants to bag a job as a multimedia artist and animator and carry forward his passion. Always remember employers are mostly impressed by your impressive portfolio and strong technical skills, which will help you land a job.

11. Art Director

Art Director
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Art directors are responsible for the visual style of any kind of product that you come across, either big or small. Art directors determine the best representation of any message or concept visually.

The art director also decides which photographs, pieces of art, or other design elements will be used to make things like product packaging, magazines, TV shows, newspapers, etc.

The median annual wage for an art director is $92,780, and the projected job growth for art directors through 2026 is nearly 5%.

Most art directors possess a bachelor’s degree in art, design or other related subjects. These people started in other art-related professions, eventually becoming directors later.

12. Photoshoot Stylist

Photoshoot Stylist
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The work of a photoshoot stylist starts by choosing the right outfit for the staging area for the shoot to ensure good work at every point. Creating an eye-catching staging area is a tough job, but the creative mind of the photoshoot stylist works here.

A photoshoot stylist works diligently to provide creative, stylish looks, trendy outfits, and other props. Coordination with makeup artists, models, and others is critical for a photo shoot stylist. The average annual salary for a photoshoot stylist is around $53,246, as the reports mentioned.

To bag a job as a photoshoot stylist, a person needs to have a bachelor’s degree in fashion design, photography, or another related field so that they can move forward with their creative career.

13. Interior Designer

Interior Designer
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One of the most demanding and best-paying creative jobs, if you are looking, is that of an interior designer. An interior designer mainly designs workplaces, homes, industrial spaces, etc.

The interior designer needs to keep in mind the requirements of the client at every step they take, from design to material, everything. The interior designer should decide the budget and other requirements before taking on the project.

They need to work with computer programs and sketches. Considering commercial or sustainable designs, interior designers work according to specialized parts of the building like kitchen area, living area, etc.

The minimum qualifications for interior designers are bachelor’s degrees in interior design or related fields like bachelor’s of design or master’s in design.

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Those as mentioned above are some of the highest-paying creative jobs. Of course, every company is looking for highly talented, creative, and skilled candidates, but a creative and innovative candidate is in demand for every company now.

The article gives you insight into all the high-paying creative jobs you can look for based on your talent and skills. Nowadays, creative minds are everywhere, and considering the advancement of technology and modern requirements; new creative jobs are in demand daily.