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Can You Apply For Multiple Jobs at The Same Company at The Same Time?

Most companies use a particular job portal or website to inform about the upcoming vacancies in their company. And it’s a fact!

But the problem occurs when the job hunters submit their resumes for every job at the same company without even knowing the consequences.

We all have come across this similar situation because we all aspire to work for a particular company that has been the best in its industry. But to do so, we sometimes commit a few mistakes, for example, not formatting the resume very well or insufficient information in the resume.

And yet, sometimes the other strategies, such as a well-formatted resume, informative resume, or job experience, can benefit us. Besides the resume, applying for a particular or multiple job vacancy also plays a vital role in the selection.

This article will discuss this highly asked question among job hunters. Furthermore, we will also let you know about applying or not applying for multiple vacancies in the same company simultaneously.

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Reasons For Applying For Multiple Job Vacancies in the Same Company

Reasons for applying for multiple job vacancies in the same company

There may be various reasons why a job hunter applies for different vacancies in the same company. Even when they know that the same recruiters’ team is behind these hirings.

Most candidates are ‌ attracted to such situations to avoid missing any opportunities when they have a dream company and desire to work for that company.

To get selected, they apply for every vacancy, from a software engineer to a marketing executive. This situation signifies that the job hunter is desperate to work for the company. 

It somehow works in favor of the candidate if they have a particular job experience which also shows their passion for work or job role. But suppose you don’t have any work experience related to job vacancies. In that case, it only shows desperation which cannot work in favor of your professional life.

Moving on to the next part, we will discuss whether it’s good to apply for multiple jobs or whether you shall apply for only one.

Is It Good or Bad to Apply for Multiple Positions at the Same Company?

It depends!

As mentioned earlier, if you are not even related to the field or if your primary education shows no relevance to the area in which the vacancies have been opened, then it is entirely useless.

It will not look good to HR and negatively impact your professional life! This will always work against you, and we recommend avoiding applying in such a situation.

The hiring recruiters always search for someone with experience or primary education in the relevant field/ industry. A medical content writer can write marketing content, thus enhancing drug sales, but cannot work in HR.

The job hunter applying for multiple vacancies must be connected. In some situations, if the hiring recruiters believe you are not fit for the job role (applied by you), they will automatically refer you to the second job.

This is usually done when they feel someone is talented and passionate enough to work for a company but in a different position.

This shows that you are credible to work for the company, and the hiring recruiters want you to be a part of the company to accelerate its growth. Thus, this tactic will also benefit you!

So, you can see that sometimes it can work in your favor, and sometimes it can work against you. It generally depends or varies from one situation to another.

We will always recommend you try your best, even if you are applying for only a particular vacancy in the company. If you have listed everything in your resume and formatted it well, they will consider you for the job role and shortlist you.

Furthermore, they can refer to another job position in the same company. So focus on your one application and showcase everything you can put new on the table to work for the company’s growth.

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How to Apply For the Proper Role?

How to Apply For the Proper Role

There are different options available for job hunters from where they can get information about job vacancies in a particular company.

It can be a standard job portal like naukri.com, LinkedIn, or even the career website of the same company. So, from wherever you get the information, read the job description correctly and format the resume accordingly.

Ensure that you are interested in working in the particular job role and have relevant work experience.

It is essential to balance your interest and background without showing desperation toward working for the company.

You can apply for the company after reading about a job description. Think about the skills needed to accomplish the job position and list out everything you have. If you don’t feel so, you can move on to the following vacancy available.

What to Do if You Don’t Have Clarity?

In the situation’s majority of the job, hunters feel stuck at this point.

They believe they have all the skills required to accomplish the job role of the open vacancies.

The decision is critical because if they cannot develop a proper plan and do not make an appropriate decision, it highly impacts their professional career and reputation in front of the hiring recruiters.

So, the job hunters should wait for some time and decide what they want to do for the rest of their lives.

They should highlight all their achievements in their feed and how they can be relevant to the vacancy, according to the job details in the portal. If you believe you are fit for the job, you must apply for it, but if you somehow doubt any of the points, avoid it.

If you are still unsure about what to do, you can always ask the help of your team members or your friends to know more about yourself. They must have observed your activities and understand what you are best at, so seek their help.

You can also ask your former boss (if you have resigned; you should ignore this point if you are currently working for the company).

Your former boss will let you know what qualities you have and in what field you can put the best effort into getting positive and better outcomes.

What Questions Should You Ask Yourself Before Concluding?

What Questions Should you ask Yourself Before Concluding?

We all know that it will be the happiest time for you to come across and learn about these vacancies at the correct time, but some questions will run to your mind repeatedly.

Somehow, you feel that applying for multiple jobs at the same company is okay.

Yet, at some other time, you will also think it is better to apply for a job vacancy that is highly related to your work experience. Another strategy to help you out in this situation is to ask questions yourself, which are listed down below:

  • Do you want to work with this company? And if yes, what kind of job opportunities are you looking for?
  • After reading the job description, always ask whether you are qualified for these roles. Or are you highly desperate and interested in working for the company?
  • What are your strengths, and how can you contribute to the company’s growth in this job?

How to Format the Resume to Highlight Your Credibility?

You must follow specific rules while formatting your resume if you apply for a particular job position. To improve your resume and be much more readable, follow the below-listed points:

Step 1: Always read the job description thoroughly, again and again.

Step 2: Compare it with the previous resume and develop new ideas for changing it by making some adjustments. Show your uniqueness!

Note: In this step, you can also take the help of Google to find the sample resumes for the same job role but ensure that you do not copy-paste the entire text.

Step 3: Always highlight your work experience related to the field. It will show that you have already worked in the same area and are better at grasping things. If you are a fresher, you can always highlight the project site you have been part of during your college days.

Note: In step 3, re-read the job description and the experience that the company has asked for. If they don’t want a fresher, applying for the company or the job position will be useless if you have just graduated and have zero experience.

Step 4: List your soft and hard skills according to the job description. First, make a draft and then highlight the proficiency level as well. Finally, list them down in the resume.

Always try to ignore or forward the same resume that you might have used for any other job vacancies for any other job role in a different company.

Pro Tip For Applying in Multiple Jobs at The Same Company at The Same Time

Pro Tip for Applying in Multiple Jobs at The Same Company at The Same Time

When you have already sent your resume to the recruiter and have received no follow-up emails from the Hiring recruiter after a week, it is always better to come forward and take a follow-up from the recruiters.

It may have happened that they might have skipped your email, so it is always better to remind them after a specific time. Let them know you are still waiting for their reply and hope to hear from them soon.

After this, the recruiter can inform you about the rejection or the acceptance for the interview. Suppose they have rejected your resume for this job vacancy. In that case, they may also refer you to another job vacancy open at the same company.

They will ask you to apply for that job vacancy because of your work experience and educational background, which is much more relevant to another job.

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We all have a dream job and a dream company that we all want to work for. But some limitations always come our way. So when we know that there are multiple job openings in the same company, we try to apply for all of them with excitement.

Sometimes it may work in favor of you, especially if you have the proper experience in the related field. Still, it will ultimately work against you if you don’t have relevant work experience.

In such a situation, your resume will automatically get discarded by the hiring recruiters, and it may happen that they will never consider your profile for any other job role because of your desperation.

So we will always recommend you stick to a particular job vacancy and highlight every skill you have. This way, the hiring recruiter will get a message about how you can work for the company’s benefit and goals.